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Is this too much stubble?

Why does it feel like you are violating some type of societal standard by wearing the same outfit you did two weeks ago? If you've maxed out your JCPenny credit card, there's just no hope for a new outfit anytime soon. Your best option is to jazz up the outfits you own with different jewelry pairings, shoes, and hair styles. That is, assuming you actually care what you look like.
From what has been gathered, impressions play a big role in being respected as a young adult. The sad reality is, people rely on first impressions, without judgement on your character, experience, or skills. How you dress and/or carry yourself is key when meeting someone for the first time.  
Everyonehas a slightly skewed interpretation of first impressions. Two people can have completely different views of the same young woman. There is the society standard view and a view coming from truth. With the first view:
Wow she dresses nice! What a respectable young woman. If she can take care of her looks, …
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You're never too old for PB&J

No one warned me about a slowed metabolism until it was too late. Or maybe I wasn't listening, because I was a teenager. Teenagers don't listen. When you were in high school, it would be perfectly normal to finish off an entire pizza all to yourself while maintaining a skeletal figure. I try to reflect on that time to figure out the exact formula of my teenage diet, thinking I could revert back to it. All that comes to memory is binge eating the crappiest food possible or not eating at all. Which identically aligns with my current eating habits. However, I am withholding this "woman's" body. In reviewing my physical activity as a teenager, I do recall a lot more exercise. I was involved in organized sports everyday after school. I ran around the neighborhood on my bike or roller blades with my friends. I did a lot of spontaneous dancing in my room in front of the mirror. And even though I was a brat who did not participate in gym class, I have come to realize th…

Gatorade and Aspirin are a Girl's Best Friend

During this amazing transition time between immaturity and adulthood, you can still get away with doing certain things before it's too late. One of those things is being able to go out to bars and clubs without being looked down on, but it's important that you learn how to do it the right way. In the past it was a much more acceptable action. You would spend hours getting dressed up, pre-gaming all night, and then sloppily heading to the bar where you end up spending all of your money for the week. You may have experienced on a regular basis, talking to random people all night with no filter, falling on the dance floor, and/or puking on the sidewalk as you stumble out of the bar. It's time to put your big-girl pants on and learn how to do it the right way, because you only have this little window where it's still acceptable for you to go and do things that are fun. Doing things you don't want to, because you have to, is the definition of "adulting". Befo…

It's Fate!

The last time I had ever heard mentioning of the phrase "life-crisis" is when my step-dad raced his Suzuki 1000 crotch rocket around town every night and fucked around on my mom. Being a teenager it seemed, by definition, a time when a man becomes tired of his wife and kids so he buys stupid things and does stupid stuff. For example, he has been married for a long time, he has teenage kids that are full of rebellion and rage, and a wife that wants absolutely nothing to do with him, because her kids are the main focus at that time. Add a nice expensive toy, a scandalous hot blonde, and a bloating confidence stemming from the sad realization he's done with his twenties, and well into his thirties and you have what is called a "mid-life crisis".
During this "mid-life crisis", it seems people go into a deep and depressing denial that fuels the ridiculous behaviors and decisions they take on when they realize life has caught up with them, and they are not…

Don't eat carbs before bed!

You sigh from relief when you wake in your bed. Can you imagine if last night's dream really happened? Our dreams are a direct look into our subconscious minds. A farce twist on your normal day-to-day, such as going to school, hanging out with friends or family, or being at work. One minute everything is normal, the next minute you are stuck in a worst-case scenario situation. You feel guilt, sadness, shame, and fear. You become fully immersed, because the dream feels so real, at first. Suddenly, the people and places that you recognize, slowly appear strange and outlandish. Now you start to ask yourself, "Am I dreaming?". Noticing these subtle differences between reality and what must be a dream can give you the rare opportunity of lucid dreaming. Lucid dreaming is one of the most amazing skills to posses, although it is completely useless to society, and entirely selfish. I see it as a guilty pleasure. A night filled with entertainment, an escape from reality.
You are…

So, what's for dinner tonight Mom?

Nourishment can be a challenge with "adulting". You never know how easy you had it living at home, until you're completely on your own. While living at home, our parents made sure we had breakfast every morning. They would send us to school with a packed lunch or with money for hot food from the cafeteria. Then, when you got home there was always dinner on the table. Ultimately, you were fed on a constant basis. You definitely have a better appreciation for your parents when you realize how exhausting feeding yourself three times a day can be. Not to mention, how much money they were spending on you. Some of us rely on microwave dinners and cheap fast food, because we never learned how to cook. How 20-somethings manage to survive without the skill of cooking is puzzling. However, the young people who most-likely have it the worst, are the foodies. If you're in love with food, like I am, you might not be suffering from starvation. Instead, you feel the constant dissa…

Application for Support Role

Currently accepting applications for the position of Support Role. You will be employed under a brilliant, talented individual with endless hopes and dreams. As a support role your duties will include supporting my financial, emotional, and physical needs. The qualifications include male, attractive, rich, and smart. The candidate must be proficient in life skills such as cooking, cleaning, and laundry. The Support Role must be willing to drop what they're doing at any moment to help me through struggles while multitasking a full-time work schedule elsewhere, to keep up community appearances of a higher society and to assure financial means. There must not be any discussion of finances. However, there must be available funds to support my hopes and dreams at all times.
The compensation and benefits package for this position include, occasional sexual favors, only if it does not interrupt the creative process, the pride in supporting a future success story, and not being alone.